Clients and Partnerships

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HYGEIA and MHTERA Hospitals

HYGEIA and MITERA Hospitals Lab, members of HHG Health Care Group select Biopsysoft to handle AP cases. Throughout its 50 years of operation, HYGEIA Hospital continues to lead the way, its main objective being to provide top-quality medical services and develop an integrated network of healthcare services in Greece and abroad.

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BIOIATRIKI Group of Healthcare Companies

The leading privately-owned Primary Healthcare Services provider in Greece, consisting of 70 independent Diagnostic Centers in Greece and Cyprus, 2 Clinics in Athens and Thessaloniki, 1 International Patient Center and 7 Dental Clinics.

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METROPOLITAN Hospital, member of HHG Health Care Group selects Biopsysoft, is one of the top-quality Private Hospitals in Greece.

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Metropolitan General is a member of Ηellenic HealthCare Group, the largest private health care group in Greece. It is a state-of-the-art hospital that has the capacity, equipment and infrastructure to comprehensively and responsibly handle any case with regard to diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

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IATROPOLIS Medical Group

IATROPOLIS Medical Group is a unique private medical center that combines non invasive modern treatment methods for cancer and imaging using state of the art technologies. It was founded in 1986 in Athens were the first MRI SCANNER was installed and for many years it was the one and only in Greece.

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Roche Diagnostics Hellas suggests BiopsySoft

Roche Diagnostics Hellas collaborates BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS for the next-generation AP Lab, taking advantage of Instruments' Integration. Send himmunochemistry staining orders to Roche Benchmark Ultra, BenchMark GX through BiopsySoft APLIS and Monitor slide staining progress in all Workflow WorkStations! Integrate with uPath Roche Digital Pathology.

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MicroDiagnostics AP Lab

The Private Laboratory Of Histopathology And Cytology “Microdiagnostiki”, owned by doctors Ioannis and Dimitris Chatzibougias has been offering its services to doctors, clinics and medical professionals of N. Greece since 1979. Microdiagnostics Lab has launched BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS in October 2017.

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Istodierevnitiki AP Lab

ISTODIEREVNITIKI is a top quality large private Histopathology and Cytopathology Lab in Thessaloniki, which operates since 1963 ( Istodierevnitiki is the first pathology laboratory in Greece achieved the accreditation of its services by the National Accreditation System (ESYD) according to the ELOT EN ISO 15189:2012 standard, offering a full range of pathology tests, including histopathology, histochemistry, immunohistochemistry and molecular diagnostics.

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BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS wins Bronze Price

BiopsySoft Anatomic Pathology Laboratory Information and Tracking System is an innovative and complete Information System for Anatomic Pathology Laboratories, covering Surgical and Pathology and Cytopathology Cases.