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BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS is built towards Pathologist’s specific demands, meeting also the requirements derived from ISO 15189:2012.

These features are designed by pathologists for pathologists. Pathologists exploiting the below features take full control of Histopathology cases at Real-time throughout the specimen, blocks, slide preparation.


designed by pathologists for pathologists

Moreover, having full integration with Roche Instruments, Pathologists can monitor the staining process and be informed about the progress of the long-running process in Immunochemistry orders.

Case Electronic View

Powerful and comprehensive representation of all items comprising the case (current status, pending tasks, visual representation of slides and blocks, etc) in real-time in the best illustrative.

Live Workflow

Easily track and monitor the Cancer Diagnosis process steps for a case in Real-Time, avoiding bottlenecks and overloads. Enhanced Case Overview in every Workflow Step.

Electronic Ordering

Pathologists can easily "Order" gross specimen, block re-cuts and ancillary techniques (e.g. Immunohistochemistry) at any stage of the Workflow. BiopsySoft automatically updates workstations (microtomy, staining, etc) Worklists and Pathologists can view online the progress status at any stage.

Tasks by Role

Pathologists pending tasks. Moreover, separates certain duties or areas of responsibility per role. Reduces opportunities for unauthorized modification or misuse of data and tasks, hiding information of non interest based on logged role/profile.

Full Tracking

Elimination of misidentification errors, through accurate specimen labeling, helping the Pathologist focus on diagnosis, promoting patient safety.

Advanced Search

BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS provides enhanced Search Mechanisms (easy lookup by specimen ID, Patient ID/NAME, Date, ICD-O). Full text search in Pathology Reports, Patient History, Procurement, etc.

Historical Data

Import Historical Data, Older Pathology Reports, Patient History Data in digital format.

Export Scientific Statistics

Powerful tools for dashboards, research reports, ICD-O and many useful pre-built reports to select.

Quality measures

BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS Measures Quality (a) ΤaΤ of Incidents, (b) Non conformities, (c) Risk Management and (d) Internal Audits.

Secretary Collaboration

Advanced collaboration with Lab's secretary, keeping both roles in alignment and cooperation.


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Our team provide support in every aspect of Anatomic Pathology Lab process. Not only providing help on IT point of view, but our goal is to collaborate!

  • Discussing Concerns in operation
  • Addressing issues on every aspect
  • Discussing quality performance
  • Elaborating in new ideas
  • Be right beside the Lab personnel

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