Real Metrics

Improving The Numbers Of Your Lab.

By applying the solution in the referenced AP Lab, it was perceived eliminatation of mislabeling errors in microtomy, significantly reduction of TurnAround Time (TaT), effacement of errors in ordering for further case examination, revenue increment by handling more cases and significant decrement in procurement costs.

BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS is several years in production in Istodierevitiki ( Anatomic Pathology Laboratory (established in 1991).


Real metrics

Our metrics depict the influence BiopsySoft APLIS & HTS on the first year of its operation.
Moreover, the metrics are registered without hiring new personnel or adding more machinery to the Lab.

Reference Lab

Istodierevnitiki AP Laboratory’s major objective is the histological examination in tissue specimens accrued from operative/surgical treatment and biopsies. Istodierevnitiki provides a complete set of Anatomic Pathology examinations (histological, frozen section, histochemistry, immunohistochemistry and molecular diagnosis). The lab handles more than 110.000 slides per year.

  • Zero mislabeling errors in microtomy
  • Accessioning process resulted in zero (0) errors because of 100% identification of medical referral towards specimen containers of the case
  • Reduced turnaround time (TaT) in six months post go-live
TaT Drop in Days
  • Small Cases17.70 %
  • Medium Cases (*)3.51 %
  • Large Cases13.59 %
Cases Increased
  • Cases7.53 %
  • Specimens9.79 %
  • Blocks7.26 %
  • Slides7.66 %
  • Eliminated 3 specimen logs (excel files and paper-based work lists) for all workstations, previously used for labor-intensive manual tracking and safeguarding
  • Work list preparation elimination through work list automation grossing, embedding and microtomy
  • Zero errors in ordering for further case examination through histochemistry, immunohistochemistry and new cuts
  • Increased volume towards increased complexity of cases
  • Decreased time spent comparing slide to block
  • Decreased block search time
  • Procurement Decrement
  • Revenue increase up to8%
  • Procurement Costs cut by15 %
  • WorkList automation Working Days saved35wd