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Roche Diagnostics Solutions Fully Integrated with BiopsySoft

Roche Diagnostics is a global leader in providing solutions for pathology laboratories for cancer prevention and diagnosis

Roche Diagnostics' digital pathology products combine innovative hardware and software, including uPath suite of image analysis algorithms, to be used together with Roche Diagnostics Hellas' full diagnostics portfolio for a complete solution.

Roche Diagnostics' diagnostic solutions for the anatomic pathology laboratory integrate and interact with BiopsySoft software

The diagnostic solutions of Roche Diagnostics for the anatomic pathology laboratory in full collaboration with BiopsySoft software

Roche Pathology Instruments

Full Interaction with Roche Pathology Instruments. Benchmark ULTRA, BenchMark GX and Navify Pathology Lab Hub license 2.0 (Ventana Connect core license).

  • Directly Send Stain Orders from BiopsySoft to Instruments
  • Monitor Staining Progress on BiopsySoft
  • Scan Stainer's Barcode on BiopsySoft

Roche Digital Pathology

Full interoperability with Roche Digital Imaging (Ventana DP200 slide scanner, Ventana DP600 slide scanner, uPath Enterprise Software).

  • Send scan Orders from BiopsySoft to uPath
  • Be informed about the slide scanning
  • Access Digital Slide from BiopsySoft